Our Mission

West Hudson Arts & Theatre Company (WHATCo)

‘Acting on our dreams’

Mission Statement

To be a cultural resource that will enrich and invigorate the West Hudson community as a whole while embracing, educating and entertaining people of all ages, cultures and abilities.

Through a range of quality theatrical productions we seek to stimulate, celebrate and enhance the understanding of theater while fostering and inspiring growth and creativity in our members.

We strive to be a resource for both the residents and businesses of the greater West Hudson area and to enrich the cultural depth, education and vitality of the community at large.


To enliven and enhance the cultural life of the community at large and its visitors.

To contribute to the economic vitality of the area’s (East Newark, Harrison and Kearny) downtowns and the growth of regional tourism.

To secure a local facility/building to better facilitate WHATCo’s performance and educational goals and to provide fiscal and housing security for the future.

To develop an educational program to help potential performers and crew to:

  1. Increase self confidence.
  2. Enrich their understanding and appreciation of the arts.
  3. Prepare for future opportunities at WHATCo and elsewhere.


WHATCo will emerge as significant arts facility in the West Hudson community known best for quality productions that seek to enhance the community as a whole and foster a caring approach to theater and  theatrical education for its members.

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